JSC Dako-lesprom
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JSC Dako-lesprom
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The hi-tech equipment allows the company to produce saw-timbers of any size, experienced staff allows to achieve all quality requirements.

The saw-timbers is graded, packed and marked strictly under customer and carrier requirements.

Recently, in connection with increase in demand, the company took the way to maximize the output of clear saw-timbers.

According to this purpose new requirements to quality of logs were developed. Changes are brought in the scheme of the sawing that allows to receive more high-quality production, changes are also brought in the process of drying and final completion of semifinished production.

In spite of trading the company occupies the big share in the market of logs. The volume of this market increases each year.

The production of the company is sold in such countries as: USA, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Lebanon, China etc.