JSC Dako-lesprom
Network of woodworking
enterprises in Irkutsk region
JSC Dako-lesprom
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The main enterprise of the company is a sawmill factory "Brooke Taiga Timber" situated in Irkutsk city. The factory was created in 1993 and has wide experience of selling to American and Japanese markets. The annual production capacity of the factory is 40000 cubic meters of saw-timbers.

Equipment of the American firms, such as "Morbark", "Pendu Inc." is used at the factory. Machine tools of firm "Morbark" allow to use the technology "individual sawing" that qualitatively improves the volume of an output of the production.

The completion of saw-timbers after drying is made on multipurpose machine tools of firm "Pendu Inc.":

correction of length, thickness and width of saw-timbers is made for high accuracy of the sizes.

12 Kiln Dry chambers of Canadian firm "DryLine" are installed at the factory, reaching a drying capacity of 1200 m3/cycle. Annual volume of kiln-dried production is up to 45000 cubic meters.
The gradermen of the factory have the admission to grade according WWPA standards.
Besides own processing the factory makes a completion and preparation activities for export of production sending from other branches of JSC Dako-Lesprom located in northern part of Irkutsk area.